Brush Chippers

812 Chipper

Designed for easy transport and operation.

1215 Chipper

This compact unit is a economical entry point for a small business.

1415 Chipper

Designed to be powerful and compact.

1418 chipper

Ideal for municipalities and utility line clearing.

1621 Chipper

High Capacity allows for quick vegetation management.

1821 Chipper

Customer feedback provided many features in this unit.

1922 Chipper

Big enough for large jobs but still light enough for transport.

2230 chipper

Ideal for clearing large tracts of land.

Brush Chippers Facts

Time is more valuable than money.  The right piece of forestry equipment employed for the right work can save you a lot of time.  Wood chippers are commonly applied in industrial and manufacturing scenarios to grind large trees and branches into sawdust or to recycle wood for a different application.  Additionally, wood chippers are used for agricultural farming for property and land maintenance or major natural disaster clean up activities.  Industrial wood chippers include a hopper, a collar, a chipper, and some method of collection.

In fact wood chippers are the most effective piece of forestry equipment on the market.  Our team of experts can help you review your problem and choose the best equipment for the job including:


  •  Tree removal and branch mulching using a wood or brush chipper
  • Land development and clearance
  • Grass, leave and debris removal – creating a nutrient rich output when put through a wood chipper
  • Plants, vines and small stem mulching
  • Farm or ranch land clearance

The market has numerous wood chippers or brush chippers available to save you time and money.  Just put in the large branches of the tree and it will chip it down into small chunks.  Sounds easy enough?  

Regardless of the scale or model/make, timber chippers all function in a similar manner.  An internal engine powered by either gas or diesel provide power to the device.  A gearbox makes use of pulleys and vbelts to attach the engine to a set of knives.  The pulley allows the engine to govern the rate at which the knife blades rotate, and the v-belt transmits and applies power from the engine.  Internal gears in the gearbox also assist in managing the blade speed or velocity and power required to increase or decrease overall wood chipper speed.

Wood chippers normally have two separate input chutes for processing wood.  The first chute, the smaller of two, shreds branches into chips but does grind tree material into sawdust or smaller material.  The second, large chute functions blades and further devices, such as hammers, to turn the small chips, excess plant material (inclusive of leaves) into mulch, or support vine and or other material mulching into very small particles.

Based on the form of wood chipper blade design, a person can decide the sort and thickness of timber the chipper is capable of handling.  Typically, the larger the wooden chipping machine, the bigger the load it may handle.  We offer and maintain brush chippers or all sizes and types.  Blades operation either on separate shafts or intermesh.  If several blades are rotating on overlapping shafts, wood is simultaneously cut down resulting in smaller output as they pass through multiple blade intervals.  Intermeshed blades are incredibly slower, but are less labor intensive and create more stable output because the input trees and branches are fed automatically as they draw the branches into the blades themselves.  Using a multi-blade mesh system also produces similar size wood chips for future use.

We sell, maintain, and repair wood chippers for a wide array of industries including: land surveyors, residential and commercial real estate developers, property managers, cities and municipalities, state and federal government projects, home owners, ranchers, and farmers.  Any place where there are a large number of trees, brush or debris to remove, wood chippers are essential heavy forestry equipment.  Wood chippers have also proven to be excellent equipment for efficiently clearing highways after natural disaster, forestry management, and developing new park trials.

How does a brush chipper work?

Before you get into its process, it is important for you to know exactly what a wood or brush chipper is.  It is a piece of heavy forestry equipment that produces small chips, mulch and or smaller pieces of primarily large wood logs or trees branches.  How a wood chipper works and which piece of equipment you need depends on the type of brush chipper it is, the job(s) you intend to complete, and the required disposal or reuse of the output  There are several kinds of chippers available in the market:

  • Commercial wood chippers
  • Gas wood chippers
  • Electric wood chippers
  • Vacuum wood chippers

Usually, a chipper has one input chute for inserting wood logs, tree branches, and plants or vines.  There is a second output chute utilized to create an input output flow of wood to mulch conversion.  As wood is placed into the input chute and moved through very specialized sharpened teeth and high-power engine, the wood is rapidly ground down into small manageable chunks known as mulch.  There is a rotating disc with sharpened blades called knives in the chipper which rotate as wood is pushed inside and the blades chip the wood.  The output mulch is often saved and repackaged as mulch which can be used for residential or commercial landscape development.  As with any heavy forestry equipment, be sure to exercise all safety precautions and review all manufacturer recommendations prior to using a wood chipper.

Why should you own a wood chipper?

If you are still thinking about why you should own a chipper, here are a few reasons:

  • Wood chippers reduce total cost of ownership – Wheter you have to clear and develop a large section of a ranch, remove large trees off your farm or ranch or help clear land for commercial real estate development, the wood chipper will make it faster and more efficient than other available methods.  You can also reduce the total cost of ownership by re-selling the output wood chips to a local or commercial landscape company in the market.  Additionally, wood chipper output produces other marketable products such as compressed particle board or compost.
  • Wood chipping is easier and more cost effective – If you currently burn downed trees, manually chopping them, or pay for removal, chipping wood is much easier and faster.  Wood chipping is the lowest cost effective option available in the market place.  Additionally, the output wood is put to better long-term use.
  • Wood chippers are environment-friendly – Have you ever thought how much CO2 is released by burning wood?  When burned, trees generate more CO2 emissions per unit of energy generated than fossil fuels.  An often overlooked fact is that burning wood emits more CO2 than fossil fuels per megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity generated or per unit of heat generated.  According to world renowned German research, wood produces the most CO2 per KWh when used to produce electricity:

Yes this is an isolated example but you get the point.  The alternative is to utilize a wood chipper and reuse the output making compost, fertilizer, bio-fuel, mulch, etc.  This is a much safer and eco-friendly solution that saves you money up front and helps us all maintain a stable livable environment.

Overall, wood chippers are great forestry equipment tools offering a number of benefits.  You do not need any special expertise to work with them, and our qualified trained experts can help you choose the right forestry equipment for the job.  Additionally, we can provide a detailed maintenance schedule and offer all repair parts in house for models we sell and service.  If your job requires a wood or brush chipper, contact us today and we will guide you to the correct equipment at the best price.  There are only a hand full of manufacturers and sales teams nationwide with the wide array of experience, knowledge, and in house maintenance as All About Equipment.  Many websites offer quality wood chippers or brush chippers but lack the knowledge required to inform you of which piece of equipment perfectly suits your needs.  In addition to our sales team, what makes us stand out from the competition is an onsite full-service maintenance and repair shop with an online parts store.  This increased transparency lets you rest assured you are getting the correct wood chipper at the best price, provides the comfort to know you can ask us any question from pre-sales to maintenance, and gives you piece of mind when making a long-term wood chipper purchase decision.