Stump Grinder Maintenance

Teeth : Cutter teeth need to be sharp and tightly secured for a safe and efficient cut. Since the center teeth get the most action, it is best practice to watch those teeth closest. Rotating and sharpening the teeth will keep the teeth sharp.  The teeth and pockets must also be torqued to specification for maximum performance.  Rotating pockets is also a maintenance best practice.  While performing the above maintenance, our mechanics always inspect teeth and pockets for excessive wear, stress fractures and defects.  If new teeth are needed we stock Greenteeth in our shop.

Bearings and Belts : While frequently maintaining teeth, checking and adjusting the belt tension is required.  Bearing lubrication will also save costly repairs.

Engine : We are experienced at maintaining, repairing and replacing Caterpillar, Perkins, Briggs and Stratton engines.

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