Dump Trailers

The 3D-12 is the only trailer with unique dual-purpose flexibility to be a drop-deck and a dump trailer in the same model. 

Rental TRailers

The Rental 14 is designed for the rental Industry. It has many extras that help to secure different loads.

Single Axles

Single Axle trailers are more compact for your smaller loads.

FlatBed Trailers - 16 FT

Tow your larger equipment with the 16 foot deck.

Utility Trailers

Utility Trailers have boxed in sides to keep your load more secure.

flatbed Trailers - 12 ft

Tow your heavy compact loads with the dual axle trailer with a 12 foot deck.

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More Models...

We can also order the following models.
  •  Gooseneck air tow trailer models – G16 (offer 20-25% hitch load, improved stability while hauling heavy forestry equipment, and extra load and weight distribution improving maneuverability)
  • Enclosed and Enclosed XL air tow trailer models – E-16XL is the largest fully enclosed trailer with max load weight of 10,000 pounds.  Multiple compartment access doors for simplified load and or unload access.  The rounded edge aerodynamic design reduces  friction improving gas mileage during use.  Interior LED lights add an improved trailer safety design feature.
  • Dock Height air to trailer – The DH-10 performs double duty of air tow trailer and a hydraulic lift with an 8,000 lb. max load capacity.  This is ideal for loading and unloading fork lifts, skids, heavy forestry equipment, or heavy warehouse materials.

Air-tow trailers offer a variety of long-term high quality precision trailers designed for ease of use and safety.  Air-tow trailers have the best in class engineered design options coupled with industry leading labor savings and long term heavy equipment investment protection options.  The design options are equipped with the safest technology for ground loading and are an ideal selection for heavy equipment professionals and high performers who haul forestry equipment such as wood chippers and or stump grinders.  Apart from hauling heavy equipment and machines, air tow trailers can also be used for dumping output and or debris or for towing purposes.  Every model is built to sustain maximum stress along with providing maximum long-term use.  The products maintain excellent durability, ease of use, and are precisely finished with high quality durable paint and heavy duty steel diamond decks to protect your investment.

Why are Airtow Trailers Superior?


Air-tow Trailers is an innovative trailer manufacturing company known for their patented drop-deck mechanical lowering trailers.  Their famous triple L (lower, load, lift) technology brings significant safety improvements and reduces the labor required to load and unload heavy forestry equipment.  Air-tow eliminates the need of difficult tilt beds, the dangers of load ramps, and allows one person the ability to complete jobs previously requiring at least 2 people.  The unique air-tow trailer features we offer include: heavy duty D-Rings, adjustable chains and couplers, anti-theft switch mechanism, LED lights, durable paint, fender less design, ground-level loading capability, high durability diamond deck, non-tilt trailer deck, remote control functionality, rubber or air suspension, and swing-arm axles.


Absolutely.  Every fleet of Air-tow Trailers is equipped with best in class air-tow trailer features.  Air-tow trailers offer the most unique features not offered in other trailers including: air and rubber suspension, swing-arm axles, well balanced wheels, deep storage compartments, fenderless design, tonguejack, extra-wide and adjustable decks, high durability diamond plate deck, and weather-protected wiring.

Additionally, the air-tow suspension system is a very unique and superior feature.  This hydraulic air-tow suspension system offers and unbelievably smooth ride.  The air-tow suspension also adjusts itself for the different weights it carries.  So when weight is not evenly distributed based on the various equipment and or debris loaded the air suspension system can compensate and essentially auto-correct these issues.  Weight distribution and equal balance across the surface area reduce the wear and tear on your axles and tires extending the life of your trailer and ensuring your forestry equipment take less abuse during transit.  Check out the Smooth Air Ride – Wine Glass Test video.  

 Air tow trailers also offer ground level loading which means the trailers can lower to the ground level with zero inclination angels making it easier to load and unload at a faster pace with improved safety.  Another unique feature is the ability to remotely control trailer functionality.  You can lower and raise the deck with a single button operation.  This removes the need for dangerous loading and unloading ramps.  This is another great feature saving you time, money, gas and preventing problems before they occur.

The balanced wheels are dynamically balanced so that you have a very smooth ride from start to finish.  All the trailers are well equipped with lockable compartments 10′ deep providing you with enough secure space for all your smaller handheld tools.  The jack built into the trailer has a quickly adjustable drop-down leg giving it a firm grip, and most air tow trailer models can handle a max load weight up to 10,000 pounds.  The trailers also come stock with other safety features like E-tracking systems and high visibility LED safety lights making these a complete all in one trailer solution


Other features offered with air-tow trailers include heavy-duty weather-protected cable wires.  They are very strong and durable cables that can sustain heavy impacts and are corrosion-resistant.  It is also heavily insulated to prevent electrical damage.  The heavy-duty D-rings are also located on every edge of the trailer’s deck.  The links are thoughtfully placed in ideal positions to provide multiple locations for securing heavy equipment, cargo, ATV’s and or motorcycles.  

The placement and position of each D-ring doesn’t interfere with the loading or unloading of equipment and prevents the need for straps tied and interwined like a giant ball of yarn that hopefully secures the load.  The loads must be tied to ensure its safety while being transported and having different sized chains or cables can create problems securing the load.

With the adjustable chain cables equipped in the air tow trailers, this problem is eliminated entirely.  The chains are designed with slotted link technology which enable you to quickly upsize or downsize the chain and right size the tension to secure your equipment.  This feature is invaluable and not offered through any other trailer in the market.  A single accident can cause tremendous equipment and or vehicle damage as well as catastrophe in the wrong environment.  Even with adjustable chains a piece of forestry equipment can slip or slide off the deck due to lack of friction.  To eliminate this problem, every trailer has a carefully designed diamond plate deck base.  These are heavy-duty deck deck designs and eliminate the problems of deforming and wrapping of the steel base.


Of course.  With the compatibility of solar batteries and panels, air-tow trailers can be run entirely on solar.  So, while you are doing your job you can be environmentally conscious by decreasing your footprint while doing it.  Additionally, the amount of cost savings alone can equate to a piece of new equipment.  You can also choose to extend your battery capacity or extend the side-rails to accommodate your specific equipment or branding needs.  You can customize your air-tow trailer with the choice of folding ramps or tailgates.  The trailer can also be equipped with an extra rubber bumper to safeguard your loads and trailer against impact damages.  The crossbar can also be either fixed or removable making the trailer very versatile and flexible.

When you take into account all the extremely useful air tow trailer features the cost becomes a no brainer.  Why spend money on 2 pieces of equipment that deliver sub-par results when a single air tow trailer gets the job done in a shorter period of time with one person safely?  You can buy the most sophisticated trailers in the market place while not compromising your personal touch and design.

These trailers don’t just load or unload equipment.  They will change the way you do the job.  They will increase revenue generation in a very smart way while reducing towing, transportation, and long term equipment cost.  Air-tow trailers are among the best trailers available in the market.  They come at a very competitive price and the technology developed and equipped are superior to high-end custom built single function trailers of the same type.  Even the most expensive custom trailers don’t offer the practical all in one functionality offered by air-tow trailers.  Load, Unload, Tow and do all the heavy lifting with the variety of air-tow trailers available in the inventory.  Call us today to help you decide which air-tow trailer fits your long term needs.